Sunday, September 5, 2010

The State of Smooth Jazz

As a musician of smooth jazz music I've heard a lot of chat about the current state of smooth jazz. Many insiders claim a host of factors have caused the demise of smooth jazz in recent years. Lack of young listeners, tough economic times, limited commercial viability, repetition, etc. Indeed, many of these factors have affected the current state of smooth jazz compared to the 80s/90s.

However, I chose to view the situation from a more positive perspective. As big media groups swallow up terrestrial stations across the globe internet radio has risen to the forefront of the smooth jazz genre. These dedicated stations are passionately managed by smooth jazz enthusiasts providing devoted listeners with old and new sounds. They are the TRUE messengers of smooth jazz music. They are the ones who will keep smooth jazz alive today and tomorrow.

In my view, unless a popular pop artist produces a smooth jazz album to raise awareness to a younger audience we can expect the state of smooth jazz to remain the same for quite a while .... dedicated stations with devoted listeners.

Sounds perfect to me.

Besides, can you imagine what a Justin Bieber smooth jazz album would sound like?!?!?!